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articles copyright service, plagiarism check

A Unique Copyright Service

Safeguards Your Work
Checks for Plagiarism
One Affordable Package

• Tired of worrying about whether or not you'll get paid for your work?
• Worried about whether or not your articles are original?
• Are you looking for a solution to these problems?
If the answer to all three questions is a resounding "yes"
then we're here to help you register your work as
your own and check it for plagiarism.
FREE trial period


  • Upload article for registration
  • SampleSafe registers articles in database if they are 100% original
  • Download .jpg image of article ready to submit to your client
  • Client pays for article = submit original work to them
Registration Plagiarism check

WRITERS: Sell your unpaid work

Sell Your Unsold Articles Through SampleSafe and Set Your Own Price.
Once sold immediate payment guaranteed!
  • Online global certification | ISO 9001 & HACCP certificates
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