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How to Boost Your Public Speaking Skills

How to Boost Your Public Speaking Skills

by matt on , 2103

You may already be adept at public speaking, however you may also want to hone in on these skills to improve the way you deliver a speech. It does not matter what industry you happen to work in, solid public speaking skills are invaluable tools that get you noticed when you take centre stage. Practice does make perfect but then enrolling into a public speaking course works wonders too.


Enrol Into Courses With The Best

You may already be a talented public speaker but to really stand out you need to enrol in a course with real professionals. You have a few options, you could always find a mentor, hire a coach or enrol into a public speaking program with the experts.

Both a mentor and a coach can evaluate your natural talents and speaking style. They will point out your shortcomings, fill in any of the blanks by taking you through the finer points of public speaking. However, the cost of a mentor or coach can be an expensive business and often budgets don't stretch that far.

Enrolling into a public speaking course is by far the cheaper option, but this does not mean it is not just as effective as paying a mentor or a coach for the same level of service.

Find a Niche You Are Passionate About

When it comes to public speaking, passion as well as enthusiasm about a subject helps tremendously when taking centre stage. If you believe passionately about something, you will deliver an inspiring speech – this is what an audience craves.

It is not just about words, delivering a truly great speech involves a lot more. The content has to be superb, but then body language speaks volumes too. An expert communicator uses body language to put across their feelings about a topic along with extremely interesting content. This is what keeps an audience alert and interested.

Planning is Everything

Planning well in advance and doing all the necessary research not only into the topic but into an audience too, goes a long way when perfecting a speech or talk you may have to give.

Some people advocate writing the end of their speech first and then working backwards to the beginning. Other speakers like to work with a simple outline first and then develop their speech around it. There are those who like to make bullet points and then elaborate them to develop a speech. Whichever way you find suits your style, a speech still needs a great beginning, an enthralling middle and a 'want to know more' ending.

Using Anecdotes

Anecdotes work well with audiences because they create a sense of empathy. An anecdote that people can relate to works because it engages the audience. It brings an audience 'into' a speech in a very effective way.

Practice and then More Practice

Perfecting public speaking skills is all about practising the art of taking centre stage and engaging an audience with confidence. You can practice in front of family, friends and a mirror but this is never the same as standing up in front of a room full of people you may not know. Public speaking training courses help you to formulate a speech in a professional manner and teaches you how to deliver it with confidence in front of any large audience.

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