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Freelance Writing advice

Freelance Writing advice

by Monique on SEPTEMBER 28, 2012
Within the freelance writing world, there are many challenges that come to fruition as time wears on and one of these challenges happen to be on how to be more productive. Here on some tips on how to be more productive as a freelance writer.

Set a Schedule
When you set a schedule, your productivity will increase. Setting a schedule will bring about a structure and organization to the life of any freelance writer. Because freelance writing is based on the schedule each person sets, it is important to get on a regular flow of writing that includes writing at the same time every day for instance or writing every other day at the same time. Other rituals can include writing in a specific coffee house or writing in a particular corner of your home. Setting a schedule will help any freelance writer to become more productive in their writing.

Engage in activities other than writing
Freelance writing can become all consuming as an occupation, and in order to amp up your motivation and productivity as a freelance writer, it is important to engage in activities other than writing. Go see a movie, go to the park, go to the beach or check out a museum. Getting out of the constant ebb and flow of writing will perk up your mind and spirit and bring about a newness and excitement to your writing.

Share your writings with your friends and family
A challenge with staying productive with freelance writing is getting the motivation to keep on trying and keep on producing new and fresh material. A good way to stay motivated and productive is to share your writing with your friends and family. Ask them to read what you have written and then ask their opinion on the topics and subjects of your writings. Doing so will bring about a wonderful motivation to your writing because you are now sharing it with the people that you love and cherish. And, I am sure their compliments will only help your overall productivity.